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Our Clients

Calasa Gulch Olive Tree Farm, Kula, Hawai’i – website

Real Estate
Beth McGregor, Real Estate Agent
West Maui Land Company, Land Developer
Stijl je huis, Interior- & Property Styling, Lettele – logo & website
Quattro Mani s.r.l. SPERETO TUSCANY Apartments & Villas, Italy – logo & website
Landgoed De Poll, Voorst, Gelderland – logo & website coming soon

Kayak Olowalu, Maui Hawai’i
Kahoma Ranch ATV Tours, Maui Hawai’i
Camp Olowalu, Maui Hawai’i

Medical Office
Pure Health Dentistry, Makawao, Hawai’i
Santa Cruz Family Therapy, Santa Cruz & San Jose

Sports Gear Manufacturers
Naish Sails Hawai’i
Maui Fin Company

Kitesurfing Hawaii LLC, USA
Bags & Baskets, USA

Darrell Wong Photography, USA

Non-Profit Organizations
Carden Academy of Maui, Makawao, Hawai’i
Stichting Wierda Baas, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Metal Production
Lune, Hoogeveen
Brink, Hoogeveen

Insurance Agency
zeqerz, Deventer – logo & website

Government Agencies
Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Honolulu

Marketing Communications
Yellow Pirates, Deventer, The Netherlands

Why Small Business?

In a nutshell, our objective is to improve our client’s business and with it their (company’s) financial health. We find the idea of pouring our ideas, enthusiasm and energy into a small business, owned by actual people, and helping them pursue their dreams, feed their families, and in the process improving their communities much more rewarding than working in the corporate world.

We are here to enable you

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