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Strategic Advice

Uli Montague is a marketing & design studio and serves small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups in Europe and North America since 1996.

As a small business, your marketing needs are often both unique and complex, while the budget dictates the approach. All too often is a good business idea – and with it the momentum within the company – crippled by its inconsistent marketing. We strive to become your trusted partner on your journey to success by providing you with a wide variety of optimized marketing tools and services tailored to your specific needs. 

Get noticed - get ahead

Our Mission

is to assist small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups in various industries with their marketing and communications objectives, by providing creative solutions and strategic advice. We strive to deliver at the highest level of professionalism and in a personal, timely and dependable manner.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in-house. From logo design to websites and brochures, from letterheads to automotive decals, from trade show to packaging design, we will work with you to create just the right content for your marketing needs.

In theory, this is how we define our services, while in practice a lot more happens behind the scenes, e.g. market research and analysis of existing marketing tools. Whenever specific website functions are required, we research and apply the most suitable applications for your industry. Along the way, we assist you and your team with a seamless integration into your workflow.

Offering you 25+ years of experience in small business marketing and consulting, you choose how much of our “database” you would like to draw from. While we offer full-service maintenance subscriptions for your website, we also train our clients to manage their own content, to analyze their website traffic and to maintain their online tools. Maximum flexibility, customized services. 

We are here to enable you