Our Clientele

Our clientele consists of a wide variety of business and industries. 

  • Agriculture
    Calasa Gulch Olive Tree Farm, Kula
  • Real Estate
    Beth McGregor, Real Estate Agent
    West Maui Land Company, Land Developer
    Stijl je huis, Interior- & Property Styling
  • Recreation
    Kayak Olowalu, Maui Hawai’i
    Kahoma Ranch ATV Tours, Maui Hawai’i
    Camp Olowalu, Maui Hawai’i
  • Medical Office
    Pure Health Dentistry, Makawao
  • Sports Gear Manufacturers
    Naish Sails Hawai’i
    Maui Fin Company
  • Photography
    Darrell Wong Photography
  • Private School & Other Non-Profit
    Carden Academy of Maui, Makawao, Hawaii
    Stichting Wierda Baas, Apeldoorn
  • Metal Production
    Lune, Hoogeveen
    Brink, Hoogeveen
  • Insurance Agency
    ZEQERZ, Deventer
  • Government Agencies
    Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Honolulu

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