About Us

Our story begins in the mid 1990’s, at a time when the World Wide Web was still in its beginnings and HTML coding the only way to create a functioning website. 

“At the time, digital photography in its current form did not exist. Photographers still shot on slide films. Slides needed to be scanned, edited and reduced in size before publishing to a website,” Uli Montague remembers. 

25 years later, we can look back at a journey rich in experience, excitement, and in growth. Staying on top of technology is essential in this business, where innovations make a difference. One of the major game-changers was switching over to using WordPress for website development in 2011. The immense potential of this CMS allows our team not only to work side-by-side on a website from all parts of the world, but also to offer our clients an amazing flexibility.

What was once a one person operation, Uli Montague has evolved to a full-service marketing & communications studio for all of your needs, online and print. Behind us stands a strong network of talented professionals, all working towards our core value – commitment to excellence.

Our headquarters, now located in the Netherlands, is serving clients in Europe and North America.

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